Public Pool Admission Fees and Guidelines



The following Pool Admission Fees shall be charged for usage of the Pool during Public Pool Hours:

Daily General Admission Fees
 Children (2 & under) FREE
 Age 3 and older $8
Season Sponsorship Passes
 Family of 4 Sponsorship

additional family members



Individual Sponsorship

Guest Pass for Sponsorship Holders – 10



Senior Rate (65 & older) – off individual Sponsorship 10%
    • Everyone entering the facility must pay admission fees or present Pass.
    • Children, 11 years old and under, must be accompanied by a paying adult who is responsible for their supervision at poolside.>
    • Children, 5 years old and under, in the water must be within arm’s reach and directly supervised by a responsible adult in appropriate swimming attire.
    • Poolside supervision is acceptable at wading baby pools ONLY.
    • Children 12-17 must have parental consent to be at the facility unattended.
    • If you leave the facility, you must pay to re-enter.
    • Following unscheduled pool closures (i.e. fecal contamination, inclement weather, mechanical problems), re-entry passes will be issued to patrons providing receipts of entry to the pool within the last hour.